List, promote, and sell fee free tickets to shows at your venue.

About Showboarder

Currently in development, Showboarder will be the easiest way to list, promote, and sell tickets to shows at your venue.

Simply post a show to your venue's Showboard and all the hard work is taken care of. The show is automatically added to your venue's showboard, published to your social media (if you want) and elsewhere online, and tickets are automatically made available for purchase.

Handling fees? What are handling fees?
Give your audience fee free tickets, with 100% of the revenue going straight to the performers and the venue. Instead of tacking on fees, Showboarder operates on a flat rate model for venues where $25/month gets your venue every online tool it needs.

Use Showboarder how you want. Use it strictly for ticket sales OR embed it in your site OR replace your whole venue website with a beautifully designed Showboard. It's up to you.

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Contact us at or enter your venue's contact email at the top of the page to join Showboarder's beta and become one of our founding venues